• HTR A/S P03
  • HTR A/S P03


The HTR A/S P03 provides the sporty performance you crave from your vehicle. This all-season, high-performance tire delivers significantly enhanced wet braking distance, superior grip and handling, extended tread life, increased fuel efficiency and outstanding winter traction, ensuring your drive will never be the same. Featuring Sumitomo's new, advanced "fin"-shaped tread design, speed ratings in the fastest-growing W-rated segment and 75 sizes with a focus on larger rim diameters, the HTR A/S P03 is ideal for all-season drivers seeking a combination of high performance and impressive handling for their sports car, sedan or crossover.


  • High-performance all-season tire
  • Optimized tread design reduces profile deformation while cornering, providing better handling and stability
  • Silica-enhanced tread compound provides superior wet traction and extended wear performance
  • 3D sipes provide more contact with road surface for improved bite versus standard sipes